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Tuesday, September 17th, 2030
1:09 pm
"Friends Only"
Disregard the futuristic date for this journal entry. Much as we might hope for, time travel is still not possible.

The futuristic date merely allows this introductory entry to appear ahead of all the others.

For a variety of reasons, I've decided to make my journal "friends only."

Becoming a friend isn't really all that hard. Drop me an email and let's talk about it. Chances are, I'll reciprocate and we can add each other to our respective friends lists.


milespost *ampersand* aol *dot* com

Current Mood: optimistic
Saturday, August 18th, 2012
9:13 pm
Is Your Parent And Step-Parent Worth A $400. Expenditure?
Here's a scenario that I was involved with awhile ago and I'd like to run it across with you and then seek your opinion and/or observations.

Awhile ago my dad and step-mother observed their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. My dad had three kids from a previous marriage and my step-mom had four kids from a previous marriage. That makes a total of seven grown kids, all married, all employed and all of them in their forties and fifties.

Since my dad and step-mom went to Hawaii on their honeymoon, and knowing that they would be thrilled for a return visit, I put together a package deal with a travel agency that would offer them a week in Hawaii, airfare, lodging and rental car included. If all seven kids contributed their fair share in paying for the cost of the trip, it penciled out to $400. per kid.

When I presented this proposal to the six other kids, their reactions (except for one) were such that you would have thought I was asking them to contribute $10,000. apiece. Either they or their spouses came up with cheaper, counter-proposals such as sending them on a boat cruise to Catalina or Ensenada.

My sister was the only one who sent me a responding email with the sentence, "I will do whatever it takes to send them to Hawaii."

So my question to you is this: If someone came to you with a package deal that could send one of your parents and a step-parent to Hawaii (airfare, lodging and rental car included) for $400., would you find a way to come up with the $400.? Remember, this is for their 25th wedding anniversary and they're getting into their advanced ages when mobility and other complications are going to make travel more difficult for them as time goes on.

Could you find the $400.? Under these circumstances, is your parent worth a $400. expenditure such as this?

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
1:27 am
The Next Time A Police Dog Sniffs Your Luggage, Know That You're Being Hoodwinked
Legal challenge questions reliability of police dogs
By Lawrence Mower
AND Brian Haynes
July 9, 2012

In 2010, a team of researchers at the University of California, Davis set out to test the reliability of drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs.

The team assembled 18 police dogs and their handlers and gave them a routine task: go through a room and sniff out the drugs and explosives.

But there was a twist. The room was clean. No drugs, no explosives.

In order to pass the test, the handlers and their dogs had to go through the room and detect nothing.

But of 144 runs, that happened only 21 times, for a failure rate of 85 percent.

Although drug-sniffing dogs are supposed to find drugs on their own, the researchers concluded that they were influenced by their handlers, and that's what led to such a high failure rate.
CLICK HERECollapse )
Saturday, January 28th, 2012
12:02 pm
Only In L.A.

Hey, if Verdugo Wash, a concrete-lined flood-control channel, is good enough for Arnold Schwarzenegger to use as a location to film one of his "Terminator" chase scenes, it should be good enough for this 53-year-old dingbat to assume it's a freeway. For the movie chase scene, click here:


One has to wonder how a person this stupid has the ways and means to be driving a Mercedes. Interesting that they didn't want to identify her by name. Don't tell me. Let me guess. Her name is probably Hak Kwon Ko or some other foreign name belonging to someone "fresh off the boat" or "just over the southern border" who probably never drove a car up until a year or two ago. These are the people who constantly get mixed up as to whether the accelerator is the brake pedal and like to re-arrange convenience stores and other buildings.

Don't laugh and/or don't call me bigoted / prejudiced.

This is reality in L.A.

Coming soon to a city or town near you.

Notice how after it was all over she needed medical attention for back pain? Yeah, the best defense is a good offense. Otherwise known as making oneself a victim.

The LAPD needs to modify their slogan:

"To Protect And To Serve -- The Stupid!"

God help us.




Driver won't be charged after wayward ride in Verdugo Wash

Glendale police say the woman did not break any laws, although officials did send her driver's license to the DMV for review as to whether it will be revoked.

By Veronica Rocha, Los Angeles Times

January 28, 2012

A Glendale woman who drove her Mercedes-Benz down the Verdugo Wash at freeway speeds before getting trapped in the concrete-lined waterway will not face criminal charges because she broke no laws, authorities
said Friday.

The 53-year-old woman, who was not identified by police, was apparently looking for an underground church parking lot and drove into a maintenance entrance to the channel at Glenoaks Boulevard and Kenilworth Avenue, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

Officials initially thought she mistook the entrance for a freeway onramp. It was her first visit to the area, authorities said.

"This is not a traffic accident, so it really is a very expensive mistake," Lorenz said.

Upon entering the wash, the woman saw a maintenance crew driving there and followed them briefly before passing, police said.

In the journey down the wash, police said, the woman's Mercedes reached speeds of up to 70 mph. She eventually stopped after about a mile, having barreled down a stepped descent and braking just short of an
eight-foot drop into the Los Angeles River.

Glendale police and Glendale Public Works Department crews brought in a heavy tow truck to hoist the Mercedes from the wash.

Police took the woman's driver's license and sent it to the Department of Motor Vehicles for evaluation, Lorenz said. She must contact the DMV within five days about whether her license will be revoked, he said.

Law enforcement officials use that option with the DMV when they feel public safety is at risk, Lorenz said. He added that authorities are also investigating why the public works maintenance entrance was open
because it should have been secured.

The woman's insurance company agreed to pay the cost of removing the Mercedes and storing it in a tow yard, Lorenz said. But she may be held responsible for costs incurred by police and fire officials responding
to the incident.

The woman was taken to a hospital after complaining of back pain. Officials said she did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol.
Sunday, January 1st, 2012
12:05 am
It Might Be A Statement About Homosexuality, But A Nativity Scene It Ain't



Contemporary nativity installation damaged in hate crime in Claremont
By Wes Woods II, Staff Writer
Created: 12/27/2011 04:07:41 PM PST

A contemporarily interpreted Nativity scene in front of Claremont United Methodist Church depicts three couples holding hands beneath the Star of Bethlehem: a man with a woman; a man with a man, and a woman with a woman. The star and the images of the man with a man and the woman with a woman were overturned in what Claremont Police describe as a hate crime.

CLAREMONT - Police officers have called vandalism to a contemporary Nativity display celebrating lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples as a hate crime.

The damage at Claremont United Methodist Church took place between 11 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday on the southern part of the church lawn near Foothill Boulevard, Sgt. Jason Walters said.

The three wooden displays showed images of couples - a man and a woman as well as two men and two women - each holding hands. The two displays with the same-sex couples were knocked over, but the box with the straight couple was left alone.

"It's a hate crime based on it being church property as well as the wooden box knocked over that depicted two males holding hands,"

The vandalized scene with the two "gay" image boxes and Star of Bethlehem overturned. (Courtesy)Walters said. "Nothing was written and there weren't any slurs, but it's church property and the box was knocked over."
The Rev. Dan Lewis of Claremont United Methodist Church said he was saddened by the incident.

"We have members of our church who are gay and lesbian who it sends a very personal message to," said Lewis, who learned of the vandalism on Christmas Day. "I tried to say in worship on Sunday morning that we will not let it trouble us."

For the past six years, church member and artist John Zachary has designed and built a scene on the church's front lawn. The scene has had controversial themes before, but this was the first about gay couples.

Zachary said the artwork suffered at least $3,000 worth of damage. The exhibit had three panels that weighed 600 pounds each.

His wife, Anita, said she and her husband "expect controversy. We want to cause people to think and consider that a blue-eyed baby Jesus is not everyone's idea of God."

Anita Zachary said she was upset by what she perceived as a lack of community outrage.

"I want to believe Claremont is a rather liberal community ... that's what's most upsetting is that people aren't outraged. My opinion is just that the community doesn't seem to put its money where its mouth is."

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, there will be an interfaith vigil at the church to show support for the lesbian, gay and transgender community, John Zachary said. The vigil will be open to all.

Walters said police had no suspects.

Anyone with information on the vandalism can call police at 909-399-5411.


And a reader's comment:

Bobby Darin · Top Commenter
I'm sorry, but a scene of homosexuality is not a Nativity scene, nor does it have anything to do with it. No matter how much the LGBT activists try to force people, it's never going to be completely accepted as the norm. As mentioned already, this was vandalism NOT a hate crime.
December 27 at 8:44pm

I concur. If this is a nativity scene, then I'm Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

With California having the reputation of being the "Granola State", i.e., the land of the fruits, nuts and flakes, I'm kinda surprised that the display of the heterosexual couple wasn't the one that was vandalised. Or would that be something that would only be anticipated in San Francisco and the Bay Area?

This is one more thing that contributes to the nausea I feel in living in the "enlightened" New Millennium.

Oh yeah, and Happy Friggin' New Year! LOL!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
2:00 pm
"Coffee, Tea Or A Commercial?"
Delta Air Lines is coming up with some pretty unique "revenue enhancement" techniques. On November 19, as my wife, daughter and I (and all of the other passengers) were aboard Delta Flight 370 ATL-LAX (N126DL), we were subjected to two commercials as the plane was in its climbout mode leaving ATL. The plane was equipped with those video screens at your seat and, as the commercials were playing, the passenger had no method to silence it or turn the screen off. Believe me, I tried. The audio was broadcast over the general PA system used by staff to make their announcements.

This is in addition to those TSA "shoe bins" that now have advertising on them and drop-down tray tables on certain airlines that also have advertising stickers on them.

Since "cutting edge" gas pumps now blare commercials to us as we're pumping our gasoline, we can also be treated to flat screen TVs blaring commercials to us as we're dining at places like Denny's. I've heard that some cash-strapped cities like Colorado Springs are considering advertising emblazoned on the sides of their school buses and police cars.

In the movie "Idiocracy", which takes place in the future, Luke Wilson's character has to confront a judge in a courtroom scene. There is advertising emblazoned all over the judge's bench and on all the walls of the courtroom.

Give it time, my friends. We'll probably see that in our lifetimes.

Thursday, August 6th, 2009
1:59 am
Maybe There's Something To Be Said For Good, Old-Fashioned Road Maps . . .
Oh, but wait! We now have a generation of people who don't know how to READ road maps. They're too busy texting, Twittering and emailing on their iphones (while driving). Who needs road maps or a basic knowledge of geography?

Idiocracy is upon us.



GPS typo sends Swedish couple 400 miles off course

by Scott Carmichael (RSS feed) on Jul 28th 2009 at 1:00PM

A Swedish couple screwed up their vacation when a simple typo sent them 400 miles away from their desired destination.

When entering the Italian island of Capri into their GPS, they accidentally entered Carpi. The two destinations couldn't be more different - Capri is a lovely island off the coast of Naples, Carpi is an industrial village in the middle of nowhere,

It isn't uncommon for someone to make a spelling mistake on their GPS, but you'd expect that most people be able to notice they are not on an island, and that the drive was about 6 hours shorter than expected.

Sadly, this couple had no idea, and when they couldn't find the famous blue caves of Capri, they asked the local tourist office.

It was then (most likely after the laughter stopped) that they were told they were in the wrong town. The couple then popped the correct destination into their GPS and headed towards the correct Capri.
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
4:20 am
"It Took A While To Get Him Off"
So, earlier this morning I had to call the San Bernardino County Sheriffs to meet the train at Needles, CA.

It seems we had a male passenger, 21-years-of-age, who was either drunk or high or a combination of the two. He was tangling with another dude about his age before we arrived in Barstow, and I told both of them that any further problems would result in their removal from the train at the next stop. I also separated them into two different cars on the train.

My lecture had an effect on one of them. He behaved himself.

Two female passengers later told me, however, that the other guy was still acting stupid. The little 21-year-old was apparently hallucinating; talking to himself; walking up to a blank wall and thinking there was a door there; stripping down to his underwear briefs; and, last but certainly not least, masturbating.

When he was being led off the train by the cops, he started to get a little mouthy, liberally using some profane words with them. They did not like that. Let's just say that the cops "disciplined" him in such a way that the foul language suddenly stopped.

Too bad school teachers can't employ those same tactics.

On the unusual occurance report, I made a note of our little masturbatory "guest" and wryly noted that he delayed the train six minutes because "it took a while to get him off."

Hee! Hee!

Friday, May 30th, 2008
3:17 am
At Last! The Tables Were Turned!!
This is what happens when a person from India tries to take on a computerized, automated female voice answering system from a call center here in the United States. It ain't pretty. But it sure is funny. Long story, so CLICK HERECollapse )

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
7:26 am
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
10:06 pm
Monday, April 21st, 2008
12:59 pm
The Future Of America . . .

. . .these are the people who will be taking care of us in the old folks' home.

Monday, April 14th, 2008
12:34 am
For Those Who Have Forgotten How To Wash Their Hands & Gun Control Made Easy
Uh, it's not exactly Rocket Science . . .

I saw this sign yesterday in a public restroom at Disneyland. Is our society now so incredibly stupid that we need to have written, step-by-step instructions on how to wash our hands?

And here's a couple more interesting ones I forgot to mention earlier from the Philippines:


I encountered these signs at a four-star hotel we stayed at in Davao City. Perhaps this is something the U.S.A. should look into. I guess if these types of signs were prominently displayed at college campuses, shopping malls, post offices and work places, we wouldn't have any more lunatics going on shooting rampages. Apparently, all these people need is a little structure and guidance -- someone laying out in no uncertain terms what is expected of them.

Friday, March 28th, 2008
4:35 am
A Ride On Philippine National Railways
Here's photo report I sent to some friends of mine while I was in the Philippines. It's reproduced from an email I sent them and describes a train trip I made from Manila to Benang. It's kind of a long post, so CLICK HERECollapse )

Monday, March 17th, 2008
11:32 am
An Electronic Postcard From The Philippines
Hello Everyone!

I'm typing this at an Internet cafe in Davao City. It's a long post, so CLICK HERECollapse )

Monday, March 3rd, 2008
2:40 pm
Off To Mindanao
On March 9, I'm going to be flying PL 103 from LAX to MNL, with an intermediate stop in GUM for refueling. Then, I'm going to be flying from MNL to DVO, probably on Cebu Pacific Airlines. I'm going there for two weeks of Rest & Relaxation and to meet my in-laws for the first time. We'll be staying around the Davao City area, on Mindanao Island, where my wife is from. My wife and daughter are already there, having left on February 26. My wife tells me that most of the problems and unrest described above have been limited to the western side of Mindanao Island. The area where we're going is supposedly much more calm and civilized. I certainly hope she's right.

But, I'm gonna go and have a good time. I've concluded that you can't go through life constantly worrying about bad things that MIGHT happen to you. I could just as easily get shot at a liquor store in Pacoima if I walked in while a robbery was in progress.

But, then again, this stuff is still on my mind . . .


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

U.S. citizens contemplating travel to the Philippines should carefully consider the risks to their safety and security while there, including those due to terrorism. While travelers may encounter such threats anywhere in the Philippines , the southern island of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago are of particular concern. Travelers should exercise extreme caution in both central and western Mindanao as well as in the Sulu Archipelago.

Kidnap for ransom gangs operate in the Philippines. In October 2007, one such gang abducted a visiting U.S. citizen whose whereabouts are unknown at this time. Several other foreigners were also kidnapped for ransom in 2007. The New People’s Army (NPA), a terrorist organization, operates in many rural areas of the Philippines , including in the northern island of Luzon. While it has not targeted foreigners in several years, the NPA could threaten U.S. citizens engaged in business or property management activities, and it often demands “revolutionary taxes.”

Terrorist groups, such as the Abu Sayyaf Group and the Jema’ah Islamiyah, and groups that have broken away from the more mainstream Moro Islamic Liberation Front or Moro National Liberation Front, have carried out bombings resulting in deaths, injuries and property damage. On January 3, 2008, a bomb exploded at a Cotabato City disco pub, killing one and injuring eight. The central and western areas of Mindanao have also experienced bombings targeting bus terminals and public buildings. While those responsible do not appear to have targeted foreigners, travelers should remain vigilant and avoid congregating in public areas; a recent bombing outside the House of Representatives in Metro Manila resulted in a number of deaths and injuries to bystanders.

U.S. Government employees must seek special permission for travel to Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago. When traveling in Mindanao , U.S. official travelers attempt to lower their profile, limit their length of stay, and exercise extreme caution. Some foreigners who reside in or visit western and central Mindanao hire their own security.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm going to be really pissed off if I fall into the same predicament that Guillermo Sobero found himslef in . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday, December 06, 2007
Philippine court convicts 14 militants in 2001 kidnapping

MANILA, Philippines: Fourteen Muslim militants were sentenced to life in prison Thursday for the 2001 kidnapping of a U.S. missionary couple and 18 others in a yearlong jungle ordeal that prompted U.S.-backed offensives against the guerrillas.

Gracia Burnham, of Wichita, Kan., survived the captivity, but her husband, Martin, was killed during a military rescue in June 2002. Guillermo Sobero of Corona, Calif., was beheaded by the rebels.
Most of the top leaders of the al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf group, which orchestrated the abductions at a resort island, have been killed in clashes since the trial opened in 2003. Philippine officials have credited the U.S. counterterrorism training that started in 2002 for many of the battlefield successes.

"We commend the justice system for showing the rule of law," said Robert Courtney, the U.S. Justice Department's attache at the Manila embassy. He said he would relay the decision to Gracia Burnham.
The Burnhams, missionaries for the Florida-based New Tribes Mission, were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary when they were snatched by the Abu Sayyaf at the upscale Dos Palmas resort on Palawan island in May 2001, and taken by speedboat to southern Basilan island.

The rescue operation left a Filipino nurse dead, and two Filipino security guards from the resort also were beheaded by the rebels. The other hostages were released or managed to escape.

"The trauma is still very much here. No amount of money can compensate," said former hostage Buddy Recio, who was held for seven days. "We are still suffering from the nightmare."

Defendant Toting Hannoh, who was found guilty, struck a defiant note. Asked if this was the end of the Abu Sayyaf, he said: "No, it will become stronger."

Out of 85 suspects originally charged with kidnapping, 23 were captured and tried, and 18 appeared in court.

Four were acquitted Thursday. Four others were killed in a botched prison break in 2005, and one has been cleared of charges.

Among those acquitted was the only woman in the group, Star Till, the sister of rebel leader Abu Serbia, who was killed by troops after the abductions.

"I'm so happy. Thanks to Allah! I'm taking my daughter home," said her mother, Assure Churning. "She was never a terrorist."

Gracia Burnham returned to the Philippines in 2004 to testify against her captors. She told the court she learned from Abu Serbia that the rebels received a ransom from an unknown source, but that the guerrillas still refused to free her and her husband.

Burnham recounted her ordeal in a book, "In the Presence of My Enemies," which aroused controversy in the Philippines because of her allegations that an unnamed Filipino general tried to get half of a possible ransom for the hostages and that soldiers delivered food and sold weapons to the guerrillas.

A year after the resort raid, the U.S. military began sending troops and instructors to train Filipino soldiers in counterterrorism.

U.S.-backed offensives had dislodged the guerrillas from their bases on Basilan, but they have remained a major threat and continued to regroup. Officials estimate their number is down to about 300 guerrillas from about 1,000 in 2001.

The overall leader, Khadaffy Janjalani, was killed last September in fighting on southern Jolo island. His presumed successor, Abu Sulaiman, was shot dead in a separate clash earlier this year.

Monday, February 18th, 2008
4:41 pm
Fuckers and FARTs
If you thought "Greyhound" was a weird name for a bus line . . .


While in Germany, if you're not careful, you can miss the Fucker.

And if you visit Switzerland, be sure to experience the Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi (FART).


Thursday, February 7th, 2008
10:15 pm
Why Train Crewmen Get Ulcers . . .
Click on the video below for an interesting view from the cab of a FerroMex freight train locomotive:

This incident took place in Mexico, but the same bullshit happens somewhere in the States, multiple times, on a daily basis.

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
10:56 pm
Saturday, January 26th, 2008
8:14 am
If I Have To Collect Something, I Guess I'll Stick To Postage Stamps And Rare Coins
Found on Craigslist. This is one of the more bizarre fetishes I've run across . . .

Used Condoms - w4m - 24


Reply to: pers-000000000@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-01-25, 4:07PM MST

Looking for guys to bring me used condoms. I will not and am NOT interested in making them with you. Go home, fuck your wife, or gf, or masturbate to your favorite porn. Cum inside the condom then drop it off. Bring it to the Kohl's parking lot. The very last space on the southwest side of the lot, nearest the exit that is next to the apartments. Just drop it and leave. Due to the weather, put it in a ziplock or a paper bag or something. Also, don't hide it in a snow pile, I'm not gonna find it there. Simple enough :-) Email me a note telling me when you dropped it off, and send a pic of the cock that the juice came out of.
It's a fetish.... that's all it is. I'm not into answering a million questions about it, so don't ask.
Every guy out there jerks off once or twice a day, just use a condom :-)

Bye :-)
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