Miles_Post (scax_e_one) wrote,

"Coffee, Tea Or A Commercial?"

Delta Air Lines is coming up with some pretty unique "revenue enhancement" techniques. On November 19, as my wife, daughter and I (and all of the other passengers) were aboard Delta Flight 370 ATL-LAX (N126DL), we were subjected to two commercials as the plane was in its climbout mode leaving ATL. The plane was equipped with those video screens at your seat and, as the commercials were playing, the passenger had no method to silence it or turn the screen off. Believe me, I tried. The audio was broadcast over the general PA system used by staff to make their announcements.

This is in addition to those TSA "shoe bins" that now have advertising on them and drop-down tray tables on certain airlines that also have advertising stickers on them.

Since "cutting edge" gas pumps now blare commercials to us as we're pumping our gasoline, we can also be treated to flat screen TVs blaring commercials to us as we're dining at places like Denny's. I've heard that some cash-strapped cities like Colorado Springs are considering advertising emblazoned on the sides of their school buses and police cars.

In the movie "Idiocracy", which takes place in the future, Luke Wilson's character has to confront a judge in a courtroom scene. There is advertising emblazoned all over the judge's bench and on all the walls of the courtroom.

Give it time, my friends. We'll probably see that in our lifetimes.

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