Miles_Post (scax_e_one) wrote,

"It Took A While To Get Him Off"

So, earlier this morning I had to call the San Bernardino County Sheriffs to meet the train at Needles, CA.

It seems we had a male passenger, 21-years-of-age, who was either drunk or high or a combination of the two. He was tangling with another dude about his age before we arrived in Barstow, and I told both of them that any further problems would result in their removal from the train at the next stop. I also separated them into two different cars on the train.

My lecture had an effect on one of them. He behaved himself.

Two female passengers later told me, however, that the other guy was still acting stupid. The little 21-year-old was apparently hallucinating; talking to himself; walking up to a blank wall and thinking there was a door there; stripping down to his underwear briefs; and, last but certainly not least, masturbating.

When he was being led off the train by the cops, he started to get a little mouthy, liberally using some profane words with them. They did not like that. Let's just say that the cops "disciplined" him in such a way that the foul language suddenly stopped.

Too bad school teachers can't employ those same tactics.

On the unusual occurance report, I made a note of our little masturbatory "guest" and wryly noted that he delayed the train six minutes because "it took a while to get him off."

Hee! Hee!

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